Thursday, November 22

Autumn Love

Happy Thanksgiving!
May you stay sane, have satisfied stomachs, and appreciate the multitude of blessings in life (both past and present).

Day 22: Happy Turkey-Touchdown Day / Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for loved ones who are safe, happy, and healthy all over the world. May you become Olympic athletes in the sport of Marathon Eating, remember the silver lining of our history, and have a restful weekend. ♥

I'll probably post pictures of the various goodies tomorrow, but I'd like to just unwind this evening and share little things that have reminded me of Autumn before we're flooded with everything Christmas and winter. Although that latter part is a bit silly because while I was born in the New England area, I grew up around Miami and live in the Southwestern desert now. This doesn't scream "Lover of White Christmases". 

Again, I digress.

Here are some everyday things that have really made me happy about this season so far.

 It's hard to tell here, but this was one of our decent Autumn rain storms that came with a cold front. So crisp! Inspired us to make some warm dinner so we'd fill the house with delicious smells and heat from the oven.

Sunsets like these. The desert has such rich colors already but a bit of humidity goes a long way.

These were taken at a grocery store parking lot and I loved how the sun was between some of the mountains.  
 Dressing up and accessorizing in rich and warm earth tones. This is OPI's "It's My Year". Cannot say enough how much I love bundling up in this cool weather.

 This little thing is in the hall bathroom. A warm, yet light and spicy "Warm Apple Pie" scent fills the living room and high traffic area.

 Even at night, the bright red screams coziness and holidays! Just love the little touches and can't wait to have them in my own home one day.

 This trooper of a pumpkin plant that the little ones planted at school. We brought it home in hopes that it'd strengthen up. Please make fruit-babies!

Sweet and themed treats like these bring such a smile to my face. Five different colored leaf sprinkles! So adorable and really launching a season of giving. 

 Little man has been napping heavily in his favorite cool-weather spots like on this chair underneath the dining table every morning. It's so cute that he has different favorites depending on the season.

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