Wednesday, November 14

DONE! Nearly.

Day 14: I am grateful for mail! Love getting packages, cards, and notes in the mail. It's like a mini-Christmas that can happen at anytime. It warms my heart with the impersonal feeling deeply personal.

Before I go any further, I want to express how ding-dang dumb of me not to hit the publish button on yesterday's post. It was sitting all nice and finished on time and in draft. That didn't process in my head until halfway through my work day. Had to deal with that thought nagging at me for the remainder of the day until I got home from errands. Joyous.

Impromptu surprise birthday dinner tomorrow night, so we had to plan that. The holiday season is in full swing. Already had two party invites for approximately the same time for Thursday, still have no idea what decision is going to be made for Thanksgiving which is NEXT !@#*!#$^-ing WEEK, and I'm personally setting up at least two major scrapbooking dates afterwards while finishing up our holiday cards before the staff party and out of town parties before Christmas.

BAH! How on Earth did 2012 go so quickly?! I have so much that I had wanted to accomplish this year. What a flop. Trying desperately to channel that massive disappointment in myself into productive and peaceful energy. 

Erm. Going back pre-rant... I got the album for my family's mini-reunion vacation scrapbook! Now it's going on 16 months. But all of my precious printed pages are in sleeves with a front and back cover in my hands! I just want to get a special decoration for the front window, enjoy the complete project for a little while, and then ship it off to my folks for Christmas. We're so close anyways, that might as well be their gift from me. I put enough blood, sweat, and tears into it, lol. 

Tried to figure out video narration or somehow digital version to share with my cousins that were featured. Half of which live in Europe and have a vague grasp of the English language. I swallowed my tech pride and made a private photo album on FB for them to see it in "high-res". Merry Christmas to you guys too, lol. 

I'm getting another package on Friday and even though I knew when to expect both because I paid for them and received tracking numbers, it's still very exciting for them to arrive. Still feels like a surprise present. Haven't had a package lost in the mail in quite some time. *Knocks on wood.*

Super in need of a handful of chill pills. Need to refocus on making myself a better person versus projecting my angst onto others. If I can just let the majority of my anger go and be productive in my own eyes, then next year is going to be just fine no matter what happens. *Again, knocks on wood.*

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