Thursday, November 8

Heartache Medicine

While I didn't supervise any Fitness Day activity, I watched over a couple of kids who could use the extra positive attention today.

I'm pretty sure being a parent must be the most heart-wrenching job ever. To see your baby hurting and not being able to do much about it... I already start getting a little crazy angry and upset with our feline boy. I hope to have the minimal amount of those experiences when I have my own family.

Still working my own negative feelings aside so it stops interfering helping others who need me more.

I tried walking home again today.


I'll write more about it tomorrow so I can have enough energy to include some pictures I took this time around.

In other almost completely unrelated news, I'm trying much harder to take pictures of things that represent my personality and stories as well as for the SO. Times like this where I kinda wish for an iPhone camera. I've been given quite some looks for pulling out my camera for random snapshots. I don't think too much of it until someone I'm with mentions it.

Here's a fun music video cover that I've loved this week :)

Alex Goot covering Taylor Swift's "Red"

Day 8: I am grateful for hugs. Hugs are a great two-way, socially acceptable in public, display of affection when we may need it the most. Between hugs from some of the kids, my kitty knowing we're going through a rough patch, and this picture- I feel fulfilled today. ♥ Virtual hugs for all.
"We've hired someone to answer all Felicia's fanmail while she's in Australia..." (it's a baby koala, y'all...)

(source: Cute Overload,

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