Friday, November 16


My brain is turned off. With volunteers from a business partner taking over our school today, we were able to prepare next week's Thanksgiving lesson plans and worksheets. Good game. It went... well. Enough.

I was pretty much giddy by the end of the day. Probably delirium. I can feel it in my bones even now.

I had plans to get to work on my Project Life project but um... after I snuggled up in bed in sweats and thick socks with my belly full of oven pizza and hot chocolate- I'm ready to just melt into sleep world.

Day 16: I am grateful for warm ovens that fill a house with delicious smells. Feeds our bellies and our hearts.
I have so many creative consultant jobs lined up this holiday season, I cannot wait. Hope there's a way to juggle them all while stream-lining this process that I have never done before and getting it done in a satisfactory manner. For all parties involved. So excited.
I'm going to do my best not to freak out about the impending end of the year (it's only okay if my productivity is in high/ super gear) and try to cuddle with a comfy kitty instead.

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