Sunday, November 11


Day 11: I am grateful for all the sacrifices made by the soldiers and their families for the sake of our freedoms and progress. May we all stay peaceful and safe this Veteran's Day and beyond.

Tried to keep it a fairly quiet and low-key day. I've spent a lot of time comforting kitty after he suddenly got sick this morning. He and I have bonded quite a bit this weekend. The weather is cold outside and we've had to cover our plants because temperatures threaten to get down to freezing tonight.

Knee-deep in working through some memorabilia I've found. Now, I have four pockets folders that I also uncovered to organize the stuff by year. Also including my month-by-month summaries for each year by gathering my notes from my blog, FB, and planners. Maybe I can piece the major parts together without trying to rely on my lame memory.

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