Sunday, November 18

Beauty Review, Part I

I have been meaning to do a beauty review of the products that I was so excited to try. No time like today since the rest of my posts are probably going to be holiday-centric and me generally freaking out as usual. I won't be personally purchasing any more beauty products until I've "hit pan" or used up what is there now because this is a lot for me. Many of these new things were splurges from time to time.

Anyways, there were mixed results.

Olay Regenerist: Deep Hydration Regeneration Cream (original post)
 Still love it. This and nail polish scream good nostalgic times with watching my mother get ready when I was growing up. I love the scent, will most definitely repurchase, and it still makes my skin feel so silky smooth every time I put it on. My skin soaks it up because I still don't moisturize enough.

Olay's Dual-Action Cleanser + Pore Scrub but now is their Pore Minimizing Cleanser + Scrub
(original post)
Mouthful, lol. Love it, was obsessed in the beginning, overused it (according to the directions) at the beginning because I loved that super clean feeling. Once I slowed down not using it regularly, it's lingered so the exfoliating bubbles aren't as prominent, which is understandable. Will definitely get again!
Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipsticks (original post) 
I don't really use the frosty finishes for the reasons I've said before although I have played with a few looks to figure out something that work balance out the sheen on my face. I do love my Creme finish in Rose Violet but found it to be a better fall-winter color, so I've only recently used it on special occasions. Problem is, I often love eating during this events and it comes off one way or another. I love the moisturizing feel without my lips feeling greasy. In the meantime, using MAC's tinted lipglass in Cultured for going out.

Maybelline's Full'n'Soft Waterproof Mascara (original post)
I'm not great about using this one. Still having a hard time curling my lashes well, they just want to go from being straight and down-facing to straight out. Sigh. I don't have a good cleanser to remove it at the end of the night and do get some clumping in the inner eye area. I do notice a difference when I put it on, nothing revolutionary. I guess I would agree that this is a nice beginner's choice and will keep trying.

The various lip liners my mom sent me (original post)
I really only use one that goes well with the one lipstick I use very rarely. The writing has rubbed off, so I don't know what it is really. It still really tough to get used to such a strong dark color on my lips when I'm used to trying to lighten up my already dark lips.

That's all from me about this today. I realized that this could easily turn into an epically long post. Part II coming soon! I should get back to cleaning and start writing Christmas cards, running a little behind now.

Day 18: I am grateful to have the energy to get the house all nice and cozy for get-togethers.

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