Thursday, November 29


Despite what I said during my last post about greenery about cutting back next year, I have spent some time this evening researching new plants to try or at the very least, new layouts. Namely companion planting or anything edible we could try to learn about and actually use.

Yes, a bunch of the herbs were really easy to grow but we only ended up using some Cilantro and some Parsley. That's out of about ten types. The rabbits enjoyed the lettuce more than we did and the quails have adored my three types of pepper plants.

The only things I have determined is that I should really upgrade each pot to one size bigger for my peppers and tomatoes. That's fine and dandy for the latter. Also, trying to add some lettuce or basil or cilantro to the bottoms of the tomatoes to help protect the exposed bottom halves of the plants.

Darn it, I'm getting excited about gardening again. This could be bad news for me, lol. The seedlings are trucking a long, I think. They may need to dry out for a bit. Some haven't sprouted yet (it has almost been a week) but others are almost dying for some light. Silly things.

Aside from that...

Day 29: I am grateful that I can "infect" nearly everyone around me with my obsessions. Or... erm... enthusiastically share them. To my ladies with Project Life- it really is simple! The creator, Becky Higgins, posted this today.

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