Friday, November 30


I got a new planner for next year and am already enamored. When I started getting dates for things that would happened past the end of this calendar year, I started panicking a little as I am apt to do. :P

I love my last planner, I do. It's thick with reference information and many of my notes. It even started back in the late summer of 2011, so it's last me a while. This year, I got my planner from a different store out of convenience, and while it it doesn't have a few of the printed bells and whistles, I have realized that it's bigger in size and cut out a bunch of sections and pages that I never used.

It will take some getting used to having a planner that actually sticks to the twelve calendar months, but I'll live. What I want to focus on was having a designated spot for my bigger tasks and then enough room for a "To-Do" list and a "To-Done" list. All about keeping myself motivated. Nearly every birthday I want has already been entered in to it. Another little bonus is each month has it's own plastic divider tab.

It just makes my organization heart happy.

Day 30: I am grateful for the everyday struggles and bigger challenges that make me a stronger and better person. I'm also thankful for this little project that helped me practice looking for the silver lining in each and every day.

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