Monday, November 5


As you can tell, this month so far has already been emotional charged for me.

Couple of contributing factors that include the usual suspects of being tired and hormones. I am going to use my avoidance skills for good and just push that aside for now.

On the book of faces, I'm participating in a little project of finding something to be grateful for each day. While many of us have countless blessings, sometimes it becomes difficult in remember and appreciate them. It's like a a training exercise in finding the silver lining at a moment's notice. That's what I've been tacking onto the ends of my posts this month.

In about two weeks, I'm going to start struggling to think of unique moments, I'm sure. So far, I've been feeding off of my blog post or vice versa.
Day 5: I am grateful for having an arts and crafts collection at my disposal to share one of my passions with others. Don't give me a craft mission you don't really want me to finish- and I mean *finish*. I cannot wait to have a space of my own to have crafty get-togethers in.
That reminds me of an idea for a future post when I start getting my energy back. That'll probably be sometimes during winter break, LOL. I wanted to share the parts of my craft collection. Last year, I realized how very blessed I have been to be able to accumulate all the supplies that I have of various mediums. It reaffirms that I like to collect craft hobbies the most.

Been itching to share my supplies with others though, to cut back. I just have so much after collecting and holding on for so many years. A few years ago, around the time that I started scrapbooking, I finally became okay with using what I have collected. Plus, once I learn a craft, I never let it go. It just finds its place in the rotation of my current obsessions to be revisited one day. So using up some of what I have now will make a little more room for new crazes. :P

I was going to be ambitious and show all of it at once, but thinking about it now, it makes sense if I dedicate a post to a particular subject. Sorry to plan aloud and tease, but if I didn't write it down somewhere, I'd forget.

This was re-sparked by one coworker collecting scarves for the disadvantaged and the in-house mommy-to-be being interested in the Cricut machines and making thank you cards for the baby shower attendees. I went on a supply-gathering mission.

I joked with the SO afterward that if I could drive, I'd be showing up on doorsteps to offer my supplies and supervision services at the drop of a hat, lol. Sigh. One day. Maybe soon.

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