Tuesday, November 20

Beauty Review, Part II

Here it is! The next part to reviewing the beauty products that I've been so excited about collecting this year. That's a dangerous word to use around me, right? "Collecting." Lol. Let's get to reviewing the products from this blog post.

Herbal Essences' flexible hairspray
I haven't used this very often because I am a disaster with my hair. The experiments that I have done were user with a straightener-error, but it was flexible and didn't feel crusty. The hold so far has been decent. This big bottle is going to last me a while.
Covergirl + Olay's Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in Royal Plum
I have loved this despite being very worried that putting cream on my oily skin would be bad news. It wasn't the best summer color and I do have a tendency to put it on too heavily but I think I shall start blending it out with my fingers in the future and see if that helps. 

Revlon ColorStay's 16 Hour Quad in Precocious
 Haven't found the best way to use these colors together, so I often use them to accent other combinations I make with my Urban Decay palettes. Nice creamy quality and I already talked about the various color pay-offs are they are with my skin tone. The color does stick around!
Revlon ColorStay's Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
Like the color, but it takes a while to dry and I keep blink-smuding it or making too thick of a line trying to even it out. The color is great and it does last a while if I use an eye primer. Otherwise, I think my oily lids don't let it set well and it ends up smudging and fading.
Covergirl's Brow & EyeMakers Pencil in Midnight Brown
Not the right color for me (too reddish of a tint) and it's scratchy and hurtful. Definitely would not get again, I don't even know what to do with this because I can't see cleaning it off and giving it to anyone else. I've found something else that has worked quite nicely for me in the meantime.
That's it from me so far in terms of reviewing products that I've bought throughout the year, minus nail polishes. Give or take two or three things I've added recently but haven't mentioned. So, those will come in the relative near future.

Day 20: I am grateful for the times when the universe provides me with an abundance of meaningful missions and projects that help me take a chill pill. Getting back to what's important and good.

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