Thursday, November 1

Raised Levels

Been operating on a high level of agitation today.

Out of all the contributing factors, I believe the one that is putting me very close to going over the edge is my personal master plan. I'm fairly certain that I'm projecting my unhappiness onto others, so I've done my best to just keep my mouth shut and my eyes from rolling back until they stick.

Am I really chickening out of merely developing the list because that would drudge up feelings and situations I've been avoiding all of my life? Probably is an understatement. But no more excuses! Too much time has already been wasted. I've stalled since initially mentioning and working on it.

Nope, not tomorrow! I'm going to accomplish something on that list. Anything.

Also should figure out what has been draining my energy for the past few weeks. Even pumping myself full of caffeine has barely woken me up. That's super abnormal.

Heading to bed early today and see if it's a few minutes more of sleep would help. Wouldn't hurt...

UPDATE: Along the lines of finding something to be grateful about each day:  
Day 1: I'm grateful for having the ability to discuss anything and everything with my significant other. Despite our differences, we remain as understanding and open-minded as possible with each others' strengths and weaknesses.

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