Wednesday, November 7


I haven't made it to bed yet, but I already don't want to leave it tomorrow.

School is having an impromptu fitness day and that's... just going to mess with the delicate status quo we've been trying to establish in class. I pray that things go over well tomorrow and that we won't have to withdraw any one due to behavioral issues. I hope for that sooo badly. It's been a rough couple of weeks for the kids and maybe it's getting worse before it gets better. Or it could just be getting worse. Sigh.

Don't get me wrong, quite a bit of the kids I know adapt to this insanity quite beautifully, especially for their age. However, it only takes a few bruised apples to spoil it for the bunch.

Change of topics, I've sucked at working on that master plan of goals this week. I'm surrounded by my junk on the table that should have been put away a week ago so other types of junk could take its place. Part avoidance, part lack of energy. The latter has only been proven valid by the fact that I can barely procrastinate like I normally do.

The creative consulting continues. I love alliterations. I'm becoming more conscious about the little everyday moments and personality quirks that I'd like to document during my upcoming journey with Project Life. Still pumped. Still do not have any of the materials in front of me, lol.

In terms of my daily quirky gratitude:  
Day 7: Grateful for my love of video games. It has opened so many doors for me by bringing me out of my shell, helping me gain a better sense of self, garnered lifelong friends, and so much more.

Inspired by this status game going around: "You're in an RPG. Go to your profile and look at the 8 friends on your Timeline. Go in order and write one as each of the following

Sword-wielding bad-ass,
Healer, Magic User, Party member who never stops talking, Damsel in Distress, Arch-Nemesis, Final Boss, and Death That Induces Tears."

I liked the interesting results and funny titles because I'm a bit of a dork/ nerd like that. Keep the kids and I in your thoughts tomorrow.

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