Saturday, November 10


Day 10: I am grateful for "dreary" weather because I interpret it to mean staying in pajamas or a robe to force myself to relax or at least stay warm. Loving the non-summer weather.

Yup. It rained a bit overnight and we slept quite deeply all warm and bundled up. Made myself sleep in to catch up and kitty's been cuddly again today.

Biggest accomplishments today include tackling yummy leftovers and working on a prototype of a crochet project for a friend. Will be working on some cleaning and more assessments of what I have for scrapbooking the past four years tomorrow.

I'm trying to keep positive and hopeful about making notes of what personality quirks and childhood stories I want to document somehow. This is opposed to regretting not having better evidence of it already. Can't keep letting myself wallow in the mistakes of the past. Need to learn from them and move on.

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