Friday, December 21

Baking A Storm

Today was a planning day, but was not my day to go in. I've rested a lot and started finishing up some of my own loose ends holiday-wise. Was pretty nice, despite the cough and stuffy nose.

My dad's doing better with some IV treatment sessions so far. Again, I am super grateful for my brother being able to be around to keep him company.

FMIL, one of the brothers' girlfriends, and I baked a bunch of the treats (namely cookies) that FMIL loves to make each Christmas. I promise there will be a bunch of pictures from the past few days soon!

It's been getting chilly out, with a few freezing nights, and the plants are fairing... decently. Some damage because of the gusty winds blowing the blankets off, but they were fairly bare anyways. With that going on, it was nice to have the stove continuously going for a while.

We only have two more batches to finish tomorrow, namely because we hadn't been to the store for the final ingredients yet. Peanut blossoms, wreath cookies, chocolate-walnut fudge, Russian tea cakes, and spiced pecans are not a bad haul.

Oh, but the SO and I did stop by our local Target today and I asked our cashier (it was her first day not in confession and she was sick) what she suggested from the selection of candy bars, had the SO grab one of the ones she mentioned, paid for our things, said that we didn't want it in a bag, and we handed the chocolate over before leaving. Hooray! This is getting easier each time. :)

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