Thursday, December 20

Party Hard

Today was the last day before break! Woohoo!

The kids are really rough on one another today. It's a shame how unruly and mean they can be. I did get to see the Kinders and First graders perform to the Nutcracker Suite during an assembly today. So cute and so proud of them! Ended up subbing and missing out on my class's holiday celebration, but that's okay. I bet they would have just driven me up a wall anyways, lol.

After we got home, I scrambled to get ready for the office party. I also was scrambling to pack overnight gear because one of my co-workers was possibly going to have her second baby last night (a week ahead of schedule!) and if that was the case, I was going to sleep over and babysit her toddler son so their daddy could visit with mom and baby in the hospital.

We waited all day long, anxiously sneaking peeks at our phones for any news as to whether the new baby had come. Finally we got that notice (via picture of some adorable chubby cheeks!) mid-morning. She said she'd call me sometime in the evening to arrange what times for me to get there.

The party was a blast despite me being sick. Our usual Mexican food buffet and White Elephant gift exchange-survival game. Halfway through the night, we finally heard from her again, saying that they had changed their minds and felt guilty about inconveniencing others. Couldn't convince them that I was seriously more than happy to help them out. Especially if all I really had to do was sleep in the same house.

When I got home from the party, my lack of sleep this week and my cold (or whatever this is) finally hit me and I just dropped my stuff on my way to bed. I said I was just going to rest, but ended up passing out sitting up leaning over the laundry basket on the bed. I woke up a few hours later, pretty confused and a tad sore again. Yeah, at least I somehow made it into pajamas before that. So, off to bed for real I go because I apparently need a lot of sleep.

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