Monday, December 24

Last Minute Mayhem

While the rest of the household spins out of control in a whirlwind of errands and preparation at the last minute, the SO and I are doing our best to keep each other sane.

Our stuff was done ages ago.

No traffic to deal with, no packages or cards to be sent out, no gift wrapping to pick up for presents that have yet to be bought- none of it.

It would make sense that we would be allowed to sit back and relax but that is absolutely out of question. I would pay to be able to sit back and watch the flurry of activity. I would also pay to be somewhere else away from it all. I hope we can go on a vacation of our own this summer. One could hope.

Sorry, I'm a tad uptight still. The SO has run interference and we went out on a brunch date today (surprisingly not busy on the streets or in the restaurant) and we've spent a lot of time together doing our best to hide and just hang out. It's been a while.

We've done our best to keep our frustrations to a minimum and it's been a lot of fun playing the new games we found. Tomorrow, we should have most of the family here for "linner" and the exchange of some gifts. Well, we have one brother staying with us unexpectedly, so there's been prep for that too. That just leaves one more with his crew to come over eventually. They were going to help with the turkey tomorrow, but to no avail now.

FMIL did her best to go all out again this year. We were surprised this morning to see that she grabbed a real pine tree (The SO and I have considered it a bush) and bought a new set of lights and extension cord plus tossed on an ornament or two with some candy canes. And the new cat is handling as poorly as expected.

It'll all be over with soon, we'll survive, and traditions will mostly be upheld. It's all good. Just gotta keep telling myself that as food keeps getting burnt or nibbled at, decorations are shattered or strewn across the halls, and plans are canceled left and right or postponed for hours. Nothing like the holidays to test our virtues.

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