Tuesday, December 4

It's A Wrap

Pretty sure I've used this title before too. Oh well!

Work was work. I'm spreading the countdown further. It's 12 more workdays until break! Woohoo!

Did my nails in a gold-brass shimmery color, worked in the garden a tiny bit with the seedlings, and wrapped presents and prepared packages to send ASAP. I'm hoping for tomorrow.

Trying super hard to set up get-togethers with all of the events going on around town (the weather is beautiful so the city takes full advantage), birthdays, the holidays, and crafting to be done/ celebrated. I just want stuff to happen and everything seems to stagnate right now. I can only neurotically prep for so long!

Oh, I also tried to make my own smoothie last night. It had strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, and orange juice. Um... it was interesting. Not like it was disgusting, I finished the entire batch of it, but it was not great by any stretch. Oh well. I'll figure it out someday soon.

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