Monday, December 10

Monday Questionnaire

Really taking the "curling up in bed" seriously after today. My dad did go see a specialist today, there are still plenty more appointments to go and only a baby step was taken today in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Still keeping the spirits up. So...

Fast, fun, and easy: Monday Questionnaire.

1.) Mood:
Exasperated. Between home, the kids, and standardized testing today... Everything else is going to be put on hold while I finally deal with the emotions.

2.) Does the winter season tend to draw you indoors, or outdoors?
Outdoors. Sorta. There are just more events, so that gets me out of the house more. Plus, traditionally, I spent Christmas day at church events and that's a lot of standing and walking around outdoors. I'm usually indoors anyways.

3.) Would you rather wear summer clothes in winter, or winter clothes in summer?
I like wearing a sweatshirt all the time, but I guess growing up in Florida, I'd have to say summer clothes in winter. Flip-flops, a light jacket, t-shirt, and jeans were a year-round uniform.

4.) Current nail polish:
OPI's Glitzerland. It's still mostly in tact after the greater than half dozen coats I put on in a bought of neurosis.

5.) What is your idea of a holiday makeup look?
A festive eye or lip that a bit on the glamorous or adventurous side for a holiday party. Often a metallic eye to balance out the often neutral outfit that can play off of accessories.

6.) Current outfit:
Uh... maybe if you caught me about half an hour ago when I got home from work it would have made more sense. I've shed my lighter wash jeans for some pajama pants but have a slate gray tee on underneath my fluffy pink robe because it is freezing inside.

7.) What is your favorite winter accessory?
This may be the one time of year that I wear a statement necklace to go with the little black dresses I like to pull out for parties. I have many scarves that I'd like to try out once it gets cold enough outdoors. I do love my boots and soft gloves my mom sends me.

8.) You have a free day to do anything you want-- what do you do?
I'd like to spend it going on a little adventure with the SO. I like exploring new places or trying something new with him, taking pictures, eating yummy warm food, and laughing until I cry. I'd probably involve a little bit of shopping for souvenirs or memorabilia and then we can come home and cuddle the junk out of our kitty (who would be mad at us for leaving him at him for so long- but you know he enjoyed napping every minute we were gone). 

9.) What are your favorite holiday decorations?
I'd have to say the lights. I'd love to do one of those musical displays one day. Not as big as the videos show. Plus, I feel that the spots that get lights are places that don't often have decoration during the rest of the year, so it makes it even more special.

10.) Weekly goals:
To make it through with a positive (or at least more positive) attitude, plan ahead for next week's events as much, and maybe get back to working on Project Life while I await more news from my family.

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