Sunday, December 30

Day Trip

Today, we got an early start for a day trip up North to visit a family friend.

Her daughter and respective betrothed were supposed to join us too, but they have been battling the icky illnesses that have been plaguing many of us. I can totally relate.

We started to run late, then tried to change the meetup spot to one closer to our car's location, then that restaurant's hot water heater broke, so we headed towards another place that was supposed to be about a mile down the road. We were still on the highway trying to get to the spot when our friend reported that she could not find any such recommended restaurant so we agreed to the original spot.

However, while we tried to figure out a "new" meeting place, the SO and I ended up driving way past any of the choices and had to turn around from highway to highway to highway. A joy indeed, lol. Adventure! Have I mentioned that I completely suck at directions? Hardcore. The SO is peachy with them, but I managed to somehow counteract that and win in the worst way today.

Either way, we eventually made it and our friend is a patience and great lady, lol. After having Mexican food, we did some card readings with Angel cards and Medicine cards to set us off on the right foot for the new year. We often meet up with her once in December or January and have done something similar, so she had recordings of those past outcomes.

We also traded belated gifts and spilled some drinks while opening them. Afterwards, we headed back home with a few heavy things to think about in terms of our future. Needless to say, we smothered the bejeezus out of kitty upon our return. We missed him so.

I love taking trips, especially with the SO. It was a nice quick, slightly stressful, yet somewhat peaceful break from our normal. It ended up raining and becoming really cold upon our return and tomorrow we may get slushy sleet! Still no formal plans for tomorrow night. That actually might be a good indication of a quiet evening- which would be phenomenal. Not holding my breath. :)

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