Thursday, December 13



Sorry, I am so tired. Cold front coming in and it has actually been raining all evening. Kind of bizarre and very reminiscent of my upbringing in Florida. XD Either way, it's been hard for me to sleep with lack of heat. I'll figure that out a solution to that this weekend for sure, lol.

I started getting presents today! One was from a family at school, which was incredibly sweet. I also got a package from my family, which I was expecting but it came early!

It had some earrings my mom had around, new sweaters that are perfect for the holiday parties, a hilarious scarf that is tiger-print and purple (not sure what to do with that one!), a spare cell phone for a back-up (they are pretty sure mine's going to get broken while I'm working with the kids and I may die without having one attached to me- it's a possibility), and my big wish list request- a bigger external hard drive! Dad scored a nice Black Friday deal and it's bigger than I ever imagined getting, so it'll definitely keep me busy for a while. The package was just quirky and just very much like my family and I'm still smiling about it now.

It's a good feeling (smiling so much). I kind of miss it. :P Can't wait to add the earrings to my little collection- it's just what I asked for! Wow, it really is starting to feel like the holidays...

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