Saturday, December 8

High Points

Alright, as promised, we're going to talk about happier things. At least in the meantime. :)

I'm sharing some pictures from the past week now that I had a bit more time to sort through them. Today, we visited with FMIL's best friend and she took us on a walk to a fancy local guest ranch, we went to the Fourth Avenue Street Fair (tons of arts & crafts), and had a birthday dinner for one of SO's brothers.

This is the smoothie I tried to make last week. Bananas, strawberries, orange juice, peanut butter, sugar, and eventually ice. It was a bit lackluster but not a failure, so I guess that's a success! It made two big cups and I drank the entire thing.

This is the too-tall-for-the-container bean sprout that I put outside and has withstood the cold and sun straightaway. Good for you!

These parsley and cilantro seedlings are so cute all bunched together and leaning towards the sun. I'm rotating them quite often. 

Erm... I don't know what these new guys are, but I'm happy to meet them! They could be something like tarragon or oregano.

The peas are doing well, as quirky as their beginnings are right now. I hope that this won't inhibit their growth like it has my other wonky plants, lol.

A piece of deliciousness from the dessert platter at the local French cafe we tried out during ladies' happy hour. I think it was called an "Opera cake" and had espresso in the thick chocolate coating and within the cream. Great treat for once in a while.

This is what FMIL ordered and it's pretty much death by chocolate. We shared our desserts with our new friends and both loved the density of the topmost cake layer. At least three types of chocolate in this treat.

 Here are some of the horses from the sick bay waiting for their dinner. We later pet this guy who had a few scratches on his nose. 

 This was the first horse I've touched in years. He was quite disappointed that I had no treats in my hand. Then, he decided he'd rather nibble on the wooden part of the fence instead.

 The staff was preparing for a wedding ceremony and reception and this was the stunning view the guest would later have of the mountains and desert. Good choice, for sure!

Cottonwoods surrounding an area that many guests have barbeques at the end of trail rides. FMIL and SO have worked with the kids' program here many years ago.

This is a wash that we walked to and that white house on the right was formerly Paul McCartney's home with his then-wife, Linda Eastman.

We walked around the local arts and crafts fair, bought some Indian fry bread, did some more Christmas shopping, and I ended up getting a poster that represented this year's fair. Well, it's held once in the spring and once in the winter, so yeah. I just thought its exclusive painting was so pretty.

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