Monday, December 3

Monday Questionnaire

This is another Monday Questionnaire from Amarixe.

Pea sprout! So cute and I can't wait to watch it grow more.

1.) Mood:

Weary. I'm not sleeping well and doing my best to continuously come down from being enraged. Yeah, I'm sick of hearing about it too.

2.) You call into the radio station to request a holiday song-- which one is it?
Chances are, I'd be calling in because I'm hanging out with a bunch of friends and we're bored with too much energy to burn. Carol of Bells would be a lot of fun to harmonize together since most of us sing.

3.) What is your ideal handbag size?
Medium bags. Big enough to hold a bunch of the various supplies I tend to have on me, but I also often have a big ole tote bag or backpack too, so a smaller size makes it seem fancier.

4.) Current nail polish:
None but I'm planning on putting on some OPI "Glitzerland" as soon as I'm doing packaging gifts.

5.) What is the last fragrance you wore?
It's pretty much the only one I have- Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy. I'm on the lookout for a new one. According to the wiki, it has "Fragrance notes: black cherries, plum, orchid, freesia, musk and amber".

6.) Current outfit:
I was geared for a nap the moment I got home, so I'm in blue owl pajamas, a tee that I've had since fifth grade, and my infamous fluffy pink robe.

7.) Which snow activity do you prefer: building snowmen, making snow angels, or snowball fights?
I had a ton of fun having a snowball fight with the SO because we were in tears and on the ground laughing at too hard to have a legitimate fight. However, I do making snow-creatures more. Like sea turtles and whatnot.

8.) What is your favorite restaurant cuisine?

I'm not counting American, so Italian. Followed very closely by Chinese buffets.
9.) Can you whistle with your fingers?
Not even a little. I wish though.

10.) Weekly goals:
Get those gifts out of this house! Arrange some play dates for crafting with nearly everyone I know in town and work a little bit on my personal Project Life plans. Oh, keep my sanity and my temper in check too.

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