Thursday, December 27

Gardened Hibernation

This is probably the last post about this year's garden during this calendar year because um... yeah. Sad year of greenery going out with a whimper but they did all survive!

I'm sure they'll be back next year... at least, that's what I keep hoping after seeing how well they eventually did in the spring. More of my resources allocated for this hobby will be put towards keeping my biggest pepper to smaller plants safe from predators of all sizes.

 We have had a few mild frosty nights already this month and there's already mild damage, mostly on Ravenclaw because I think she's the perfect height to get the shaft in terms of chilly winds gust. 

The Serranos are still thriving with new leaf growth, a few flowers, and some new peppers since coming back out into the garden area from the porch. Yeah, I don't understand that either besides getting more sunlight without the pulverizing heat.

The other smaller peppers are hanging in there too. In the bottom right of the photo is my second Strawberry plant that's barely hanging in there. It's been continuously dying but there are two tiny new leaves coming in.
 Tomatoes are pretty much gone, but I couldn't bring myself to go out there and let them go emotionally while destroying them physically.

The Chives and Oregano seem to finally be on their way out with the cold and the bean sprout in the bottom right has finally succumbed to harsh winds or some bird.

Here are the seedlings still indoors. They haven't had field trip outside in a while because I keep thinking that I'll accidentally leave them out there in the cold with the holiday insanity going on.

These peas. Especially that one on the upper left that is trying to reach underneath the lid and grow around and out of the box. I often keep it partially enclose because of FMIL's pesky kitten, so that one is trying really hard to get into trouble. Looking at these makes me think I may have started the seedlings a bit too soon.

The various herbs that I'm not entirely sure what they are just yet. XD I am enjoying the anticipation of identifying them are they grow. Still cannot wait!

I got three new seed catalogs recently and it may have given me the planting bug again but I'm trying my best to be reasonable and good, lol.

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