Saturday, December 22

Still Here

Another one of those blog post titles that I'm pretty sure that I've used before but am too tired/ lazy to check. It's the day after the winter solstice during which many people claimed that the Mayans marked as the end of days. Alright...

I suppose all of those that bunkered down felt the same way that we Floridans feel when the tropical storm doesn't turn into a hurricane that eats our faces: better safe than sorry- at least we're ready for when it does come.

Had an emotionally intense night last night and I will have a better attitude- outwardly and inwardly.

It's just a matter of getting there/ figuring out how.

The cough has been dry and intense. Insert some half-serious lame joke about getting abs from all of this. Finished up the peanut butter fudge, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and spiced walnuts. One of the brothers is coming into town today. Eventually.

Whoops. it's a bit later after I got distracted by catching up on all of the Christmas vlogging (Vlogmas) that I've fallen terribly behind on (I have more than 70 videos in my queue to watch later) and it turns out that there's been a few miscommunications, but he's here and staying at this house. Time to wash some sheets and dig for some pillows or something. Oh the holiday cheer. :P

Oh! I also got another package from my folks today. It took two days longer than it typically does, which isn't bad considering how close to Christmas it is. They wanted to get some of the folks here some extra presents but with what's been going on, it's been super tough between all the hospital and specialists visits. I'm pretty impressed that it came together at all and grateful for how consistent and reliable my family can be about the holidays.

It was like a mini-Christmas for me to open it and figure out what to do with everything. There were a few post-it note labels and my mom threw in extra gift packaging and cards for me to do with what I will (just in case). A tad overwhelming, lol.

That spurned me into starting and finishing my gift-wrapping, so that's all done and hidden away. Not because I'm afraid of peeking or whatnot, but because FMIL opted not to put up the tree with the terror of a kitten around this year and I know that he'd tear into the gifts just because they exist. Sigh. So, I guess I'll just bring them out Christmas afternoon.

Meh, enough of the ranting. I just want to go lay down. Here's a playlist from Andrew Huang aka Songstowearpantsto on YouTube. He remixed "The Final Countdown" each day leading up to the apocalypse yesterday. I love his creativity!

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