Sunday, December 2


Today was a good sign in my process to become a better person (something that never ends). I got up with my alarm and made a mental checklist of the few tasks that I really wanted to get done today. Nearly all of it was done to boot! I may give up on the last task until tomorrow in favor of going to bed early. Well, closer to on time than early, sigh.

I began to winterize the evaporative cooler all by myself. With my notes of instructions from the SO and his tools he set out for me to use, there was just a bit of a delay from outside forces that set me behind about an hour. That just meant that I had to finish the job in the dark, which is not all that desirable seeing as how it's on the roof that now has wet spots, but the SO was available to help me finish by that time. It's not a hard job to condition and drain the equipment, just time-consuming. Was pretty proud of myself. :)

In between waiting for those stages, I finished up the Christmas cards. Well, as finished as I could get them. There are a few that are address-less, but the rest are stuffed and ready to go. I just don't want to stick them in the mailbox until I have my gifts ready to go also. That will be done this week. I'm mentally sternly wagging my finger at myself.

Also cooked some dinner for myself and the SO which is something I want to get into the habit of doing since, you know, we need to eat to live. My cooking skills are severely lacking, but that's nothing new here. :P

I've been mentioning how I've gotten a second wind in my mild obsession with my garden. Well, my copy of the 2013 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds came in the mail the other day and I have been amazed flipping through its pages. After hearing about how awesome this catalog was, I put my name on a wait list several months ago. It sounds pretty insane, but at least it was free, so no harm- no foul. It's given me a few ideas of things I may try next year.

The various seedlings I planted a week ago are doing well. Well, mostly. Here are some pictures of their progression.
Five days after planting, we had one moldy seed that was removed but plenty of herbs, beans, and peas sprouting already! The herbs are most likely some cilantro and parsley.

 The next day (yesterday), some had grown so much but before I could grab my camera, FMIL's cat chewed off the biggest bean sprout. *deep breaths*

 Today, this is how they look after about an hour of sunlight outdoors and two after the sun set for cold tolerance. They are growing up so fast! *sniffle* LOL.

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to keep them contained until the last frost which will be sometime in March. This will definitely get interesting!

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