Tuesday, December 18

Grizzly Bear

I woke up in the wee hours wracked with back pain again. Still went in for work surrounded by a lot of concern and support but made it through the day.

It's a short week and we'll have some more holiday fun stuff coming up in which we go completely insane when the kids go insane. Instead of ending the week in celebration is more like a suicide mission of sorts.

My back feels a lot better and I'm no longer nauseous from the massive cramp behind all of my organs. I got an adorable present today from one of the students. I was totally not expecting many of the families to even know about me, in all honesty. One part was a PocketBac hand sanitizer in the scent "Cool Splash" with a cute sequined and seeded holly leave embellishment.

The main gift was a 4 oz. scented candle from B&BW (my alumni workplace) in "Winter Garland" It's a strong scent of pine trees and cranberries. It's not even lit yet but whenever I walk by where it sits, I can feel the aroma surround me. Hm, the notes are "cranberry champagne, blood orange, balsam, mandarin and white cedar." Alright, lol.

A bunch of teachers are bringing in their family Christmas photos, so it's cute to see those. Plenty of treats going around, so no complaints there, and I have spent nearly every waking moments making cake pops for the staff since we got home late today.

It's more than six hours later but I'm literally wrapping that up before gathering all my cards and other homemade gifts in one final spot. I printed out my post on Cake Pop lessons that I learned from last year. Thank god, 'cause I started doing it wrong and could not remember what I had figured out. Big note to self is to never ever again think that I can make all of these in one night unless I'm off that day. Bunch of ridiculousness and I'm tired after dealing with back pain.

Again, anyone suffering from chronic back pain is pretty much one of my heroes. It sucked so badly. Alright, off to finish this sucker up! Pictures to come soon.

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