Friday, December 7

Keeping On

I figured the only way to live my life right now is to be a better daughter by continuing my quest to become a better person overall. Part of that right now is maintaining and encouraging growth in the relationships that I have now.

Went to the monthly ladies' happy hour and met some new great ladies. More plans are coming closer to happening while others are bailing. Not as big a surprise, I'm learning to take that news a bit better and be more understanding and patient about that sorta thing.

It's just been a rough day mentally and emotionally. I've just been on the verge of tears over so many things but I won't let myself cry until there's a really good reason for it. I promise to report on other things too. Just mentally exhausted because I'm an over-thinker.

Again, I truly appreciate the well wishes and good energy sent our way. It helps me over the bumps and bruises when I start to feel that I don't have enough of my own left to pull from in order to be a kind human being.

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