Thursday, December 6

More News

News goes back and forth with my dad and we're trying to stay positive. Got some bad news, but holding our breathes until test results come back and the family talks about treatment-operation options. Welcome to adulthood and tough life junk.

I should stop gritting my teeth right now- starting to get a headache.

Plans are finally being set for all the holiday get-together shenanigans. Details are still hazy and at this rate, will remain so until stuff actually happens. Hm. Hurry up and wait sounds all too familiar. Dealing with student loan crap on top of things wasn't pleasant. Have to wait for answers and results for that too.

As much as I love holiday parties, at this rate, I'm not so sure I could enjoy them very much. Still gonna try and work hard at letting the negativity go. Maybe I could use the festivities to cleanse my spirit and fill that void with celebration of the good things in life.

Going to use this weekend to... oh wait. I was going to say snuggle up in bed and recharge but then I realized I'm double booked each day starting tomorrow. Erp. Caffeinated hot chocolate it is. Craft fairs, crafting, and dinners galore. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season too.

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