Monday, August 9

160. By The Numbers

Huh. I already forgot why I wanted to give the title of this entry a numerical theme. I know of one reason but I know there was another one. XD Dangit, and we were just talking about how I was supposed to write my ideas down. /sigh.

Not much to report today. Theoretically, the internet at the new house should be working better today. While the SO, his dad, and I were trying to play the game together last night, we were disconnected several times within a hour for a few hours. Pretty darn frustrating. I worked on a few more sculptures which I'm pretty pleased about. Hm, the grammar on that last sentence seems questionable, but I don't know enough about it to correct it. Oh well! :P

We took one of the motorcycles out to fix up my residency with the local school so I can start my program next Monday! I cannot believe that the summer vacation is practically over and all the kiddies are going back to school too! Wow. Well, I arrived there to turn in my form and failed to bring the folder that had proof that I moved here over a year ago. Really, me, really? GG,gg (good game, good game). The SO made sure to ask all sorts of questions to clarify the situation, which helped because I was still flabbergasted at my mistake. So, we trekked back home, I went through a mini frenzy to ensure that I had any paperwork I could possibly bring and that it was in chronological order, and then we headed back out again. It was settled within maybe three minutes. :D I just reduced that bill by $3,325.50! Woohoo!!!

I even came home to a semi-surprise care package from my folks too! In it was some clean laundry from my trip I guess and burned copies of the DVD home movies that my dad made during his recent trip to visit his side of the family. I have been mildly begging for copies so I could show the SO and his family some more of my family and more about my culture. I'm excited about that too. :D

Teehee. My birthday is in 9 days. :) I don't plan on doing anything in particular to celebrate it, I haven't done so in years, but still. It makes me happy thinking about it, even if I dread turning another number that is grossly adult-like. Usually other people plan co-birthdays and tag celebrating mine onto them, but I don't think I have anyone here that even shares the same month. Oh well, at least I'll be stamping and hanging out with a couple of ladies. Maybe I'll request the family to eat dinner at a restaurant (my treat of course since their birthdays involve favorite home-cooked meals instead) and let the SO leak that it's my birthday so I can listen to a song and get free dessert. :P That's kind of bad isn't it? Requesting a birthday dinner so I could get free cake/ ice cream? Lol. I actually don't feel too much shame about it because it'll actually be my birthday! XD

I'm currently going through the painstaking process of curing/ baking my clay figurines right now. With no temperature dial, I've had to mess around with my oven thermometer, aluminum foil tenting and platforms, heating coil settings, and timers to try to make this work. I baked a test piece and felt it came out okay so I tried another test piece with my least favorite tiny figurine. Yeah... then I had my first causality. Then, I realized I forgot to take the "before" pictures! I snapped some of the raw figurines and the afters of the ones that had already cured. I don't think I'm doing this properly, but they are holding out well enough. Unfortunately, it takes about 30 min for each piece. I am doing more than one piece at a time, but it's pretty much torture. Not to mentioned making the already stick and humid air all the more hotter with the constant baking and re-baking. I don't even remember how long I've been going at this, lol.

I checked and did the math. About 1.5 hours and I only have five pieces as done as they're going to be with me. I still have twelve more to go! :( I'm really paranoid about the bigger pieces I've made, especially since two of them have a lot of white involved and that's one of the most sensitive to heat colors. /fret. I know I can make them again, but still. I'll be a little heartbroken if anything bad happens to them.

I still have that stupid dry cough. I think it has been just about a month since I got sick. Lovely. Just lovely.

To not be a complete tease, here are a couple of photos of (fairly) cured clay figurines!

My first casualty (the alien hamster) - Ninja Hamster - Emo Hamster.

Profile view of six legs - dual wielding swords - dark purple spots.

The aerial view. Those grayish green spots on the first are supposed to be neon yellow. :(

And just for some scale. That's my index finger!

So tiny, cute, and burnt.

I think I shall keep trucking on this. I'm pretty determined to bake all of my currently finished pieces by the end of tonight. Therefore, I shall have more pictures to share tomorrow! See you then. <3

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