Tuesday, August 17

168. War Cry

DIE! Diediediediediediedie! *squirt squirt*

This has been my battle cry for literally the past two hours. I am livid and my anger is directed at nature. Yes, you, nature. You are currently on my crap list right now.

I went to grab a drink a few minutes past nine and I remember noticing the time and realizing that I could give the SO a call with unlimited nighttime minutes. I went back to start tidying up my desk and some of my craft paper for about an hour.

Let me just say that I am so glad that I don't sit like a normal person in chairs. I usually have my legs propped up somehow or find myself sitting half cross-legged. All of my teachers just let it go after they realized I was more comfortable like that and still paid attention, lol.

Well, I start to get up to grab a refill of my drink by putting my feet down on the legs of my wheeling chair. For some reason, I looked down and saw a pile of ants swarming a piece of either white cheddar popcorn I finished off before I got my last drink or the cereal I had eaten before that. There were so many black ants that I couldn't even tell. The bulk extended a good inch all the way around whatever the food piece was with a trail that went alongside my slippers and the half open door.

UGH! Ants are one of the few living things that I have no remorse over killing. I have learned that the all-purpose cleaner Fantastik makes for a great bug killer. My painted concrete floor is pretty clean because of this ordeal.

Over the past couple of days, the kitchen trashcan has been cleaned and rinsed out and placed on top of a dining chair to keep ants away and it has been working thus far. All the indoor pet bowls have been placed in deep dishes full of water. Even the sliding glass door that shares a wall with my room has it's threshold covered in chili powder to deter the little buggers from coming in. We hesitating putting ant hill/ queen killing agents in the backyard because of the doggie. However, I am so peeved that I'm still killing stragglers hours later.

Add this to that stupid phantom bug syndrome that you get after dealing with tons of bugs where you swear you feel something crawling on you. Grr! I found out that the crumb wasn't even as big as I thought it was, there were just that many ants and they were just that desperate for food. Not promising for kitchen over the next couple of days with the impending monsoon storms. And now because of this one incident, I'm going to be finding and killing stragglers for days.

I am just not having a good day.

It started off with a mis-communication with my program of study that I had to play phone tag with a couple of people to sort out. To my knowledge, that will be officially fixed by mid-day tomorrow. I did some reading for and on my classes and that's still a bit overwhelming, but at least I've made some progress. My planner that I purchased yesterday is really helping. I have birthdays written in, holidays circled, due dates for both classes mapped out, bill payments starred in red, and I'm starting to fill in personal weekly goals. It helps settle my brain sometimes seeing it written out. One of the things I'm doing differently with the personal goals is to make them more concrete, more specific, and more reasonable. :D We'll see how well I do.

Hm. I guess my day wasn't completely irksome. Oh! We saw this today in the backyard:

A big ol' snake! We don't believe it was a rattler, I didn't really see anything on his tail and according to one of the boys, the head wasn't the proper shape. We did lose it in the bushes while trying to usher it out of the yard, so the doggie stayed inside for a while. The good news was that it wasn't acting aggressive. Man, it was about... two feet in length? I'm not entirely sure since I didn't dare get too near.

Sigh. I am still so frustrated. I can barely get anything else done because I'm constantly killing bugs literally every time I look at the floor. :( I hope I can get some sleep tonight knowing what's going on around me. Sigh. See you tomorrow. <3

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