Saturday, August 14

165. Hot Tamales

Hot tamales sounds a lot better than super enchiladas. It's on another level. :P

If you can't tell, I'm already deliriously tired and I'm not sure why. Today was my momma's birthday. :D I pretty much started my day by trying to call her and wish her a happy birthday, lol. There was a little phone tag involved, my brother trying to chastise/ guilt me into telling her the sentiment myself when I was already trying to, and finally getting to speak to her! She is a quite busy lady who is pretty bad at the whole phone thing, ha ha!

So that was quite the relief to finally chat with her a little bit and catch up. I heard a couple of stories about my family (including our dog!) heading downtown and out of the way to buy what probably amounted to over a hundred of koi fish. Whoa. I have no idea whether or not if the numbers were exaggerated. I never know with my family, lol. We have a new fish pond that my brother and dad built in their backyard and I guess it's ready to take on a lot more fish now!

Afterward, the SO and I went to a local, hole-in-the-wall breakfast joint that we have been craving lately. It was actually 100 degrees out by the time we were seated. The building across the street displaying the time and temperature near its roof said so. :D It's really good food for a super cheap price. Nice, greasy, and made to order breakfast goodies. Mmm... It is also a pretty tiny location and really busy so the noise was borderline overwhelming. With it being that hot that early on in the day, we decided to postpone the rest of our potential errands indefinitely.

When we got back to the house, this is one of the sights we were greeted with:

Aww... isn't he ours or what? Sleeping on the foot rest that his daddy likes to use and using a remote control as a pillow. I'm not quite sure how comfortable that could be, but who am I to say anything about that? I'm fairly certain that I've done it myself a couple of times through the years, lol. Such a sweet boy. XD

Later on, after much rest and relaxation, some of the family convened and we helped out making FFIL's famous super enchiladas. I made a nuisance of myself and asked a ton of questions about what the ingredients where, how to prep them, and what all the steps were. It seems that no one but he knows how to make them in their entirety but we have all been determined to learn! A few minutes after everything was ready, I had managed to type up an alphabetized ingredients list, the steps, and even added a few pictures I took tonight to the recipe. I printed out a few copies and hopefully the SO's dad doesn't have to be harassed constantly from eight different directions in order for this meal to be made. :D

Here are some pics of just before they went into the oven and after the eggs were added. I still have yet to catch a picture of the pico de gallo we make for tortilla chips nor the dish with the last bit of sauce spread on top. :( Hunger = picture fail.

Eat your heart out! The pico de gallo was so good and made from diced tomatoes, green onion, cyrano peppers, and cilantro. The fried corn tortillas were dipped in a diced onion, roaster garlic, chili pepper and powder, and tomato sauce. Afterward, it was covered in layers of ground beef, lettuce, cheese, and more dipped tortillas. The eggs were added later on and the final touch was to pour on a little more of the sauce before chowing down. Of course, the recipe I have written down is quite a bit more extensive. :P An intense and fun dish that was annihilated in seconds.

Alrighty, I really am getting old. :P My birthday is tomorrow and I'm going to a SU workshop and possibly doing... something for dinner. Lol, details details. We may or may not figure something out eventually. See you tomorrow! <3

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! those enchiladas/tamales look sooo good!


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