Tuesday, August 24

175. Packed Full

I totally started falling asleep way too early on my bed with my scalding hot laptop on my lap, let it go to to hibernate mode, and almost just rolled over to snooze for the night without updating my blog! Horror of horrors. Don't you begin to doubt that I won't crawl back in after this though. :)

It's going to take me a while to recount today's events in order to remember waht I wanted to write about, so I'll just ramble about the most recent. The SO and I made plans to grab sushi tomorrow. Here are a couple of odd things (in no particular order) about the typically ordinary occurrence between two people dating:

- We live in the middle of a desert. We naturally do not have good seafood anywhere near us.
- Our town has a generally low population of Asians. I don't know about you, but I've learned not to completely trust Asian food that did not directly involved Asians.
Yeah, I'm glaring at you Panda Expresses. I've done well to boycott you and add to the numbers that do the same.
- Local restaurant guides deem the "$$" to indicate a price range of $11-$15 dollars. Idk what good gourmet food you can get at those prices.
- They are typically all-you-can-eat buffets of raw fish. Doesn't that kinda scream at you, "We don't want you to die of acute food poisoning. We want you to explode into a million pieces of copious amounts of food poisoning!"
- I don't like the taste and texture of fish (or vegetables for that matter), so I tend not to eat much of either if I can help it.

Given all of those tidbits of information, yes,  it was the SO's idea because that's what he's been craving. He always is the gentleman and asks me first what I want before adding his own input. The moment he said that I honestly lol'ed. "Really? Really? We're in the wrong bodies. You crave such Asian foods like sushi so often and I'm sitting here dreaming about pizza, one of the most American and unhealthiest foods you could imagine." XD Yes, we did debate about how pizza is an Italian cuisine but I pointed out how they eat theirs all dignified with forks and knives and it uses a lot more fresh ingredients and not all the heavy sauces and grease that we pour into it. Lol. But, I'm being good about trying things and he hardly ever craves much. So, sushi it is tomorrow (Yes, I agreed to try some.) and within the next few days after, I get my pizza. :D I love compromising. I voted to have pizza after because if it went poorly I could at least die happy with a big ole greasy meal. :P I realize I'm dramatic and spoiled.

I tried to make my important phone calls. That means I played phone tag and it's still an ongoing game. The kids' second day back wasn't all that bad. There were a bit more meltdowns but overall well. They are too friggin' cute. They said a ton of really cute things and you realize their almost snarky comments are the result of you making assumptions and not being specific enough. Unfortunately, I can't recall any quote from the class. However! We heard a couple of kids walking down the hallway being asked, "Are you going on the blue?" There are different colored tiles in a random pattern, but one distinct row of blue tiles that the kids walk on to stay organized. One replied, "No, we're going on the bus!" There was not a beat missed and it was hilarious.

I did a little more work on their website to try to streamline it and make it more manageable but still easy to view. Gah, I'm so useless when my system has run out of caffeine. >_< Um... oh! Phone was found, safe and sound. Teehee, that rhymed. Hm. Oh yes! What I really wanted to update about, lol.

If you tend to carry a lot of rubbish (okay, fine- coupons, various cards, and potentially important receipts) in your wallet/ purse, I'm sure that it's annoyed the beejeezus out of you trying to find a particular item. I saw the FMIL starting to run into the situation yesterday and decided to get on making her a mini book/ album to store things in. I've been mulling over coupon book ideas for a few... months now and decided to throw out almost all of those ideas and start again. I hit up my YouTube and browsed through many a crafter's channels that I've recently subscribe to and found one that I felt would be quick and easy but still help out. I also then had an excuse to not only craft, but to try something new with the materials that I already owned.

I don't want to post her video without her written permission so here's a link to the Mini Album Multi-pocket Envelope Page Tutorial by Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail. Really great stuff. I've noticed that many of the videos are paper bag or envelope mini's. This particular one starts off with long business envelopes as its base. Too cool, right? Here are some pics (bear with me, Blogger turned them sideways):

First page of three pages of the booklet!

Some flowers and gardening tools because she loves plants!

Each page has four pockets!

I tried using this purple because it reminded me of SU's Rich Razzleberry that she currently adores. Her ultimate favorite color is blue.

How cute is that?! She loved it but we have yet to see what that baby can hold. Lol. I love how you don't have to flip back to the beginning once you've gotten to the end, it can keep going! The tabs (which are actually at the top) are 2-sided pockets that I think will do just well with holding a some chosen business/ membership cards. I can't wait to see it being used to it's full potential. Honestly, it did not involve a lot of paper. I was, however, as liberal as I have ever been with my mono-adhesive. I'm still mulling over an ATG gun. /sigh. 

That was pretty early this morning so that may explain why I had to rewind my day in order to get to it. I guess I could have just looked in my camera too... lol. Oh, well. :P We also finally got a monsoon storm on our side of town today! It wasn't a super intense one, but some of the washes were running and there were some wicked winds, lightning, and thunder for a while. There were even puddles! Quite exciting. I'm ready for all of the rain to dump so I can be in awe and then rejoice because the oppressive humidity will finally be gone again. :D

Ha ha, see you tomorrow. <3

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