Thursday, August 19

170. Plan Ahead

I, for some horrible and nonexistent reason, only got about four hours of sleep last night. Then I had a ten and a half hour day at school. I only feel that I was volunteering for a small portion of that time and just taking up space for the majority. Just a little painful, I hate feeling useless. I did everything I could think of, studied, got ahead on some school work, tried to gather more materials for when the kids start next week, etc. There was just nothing else I could do without making a complete nuisance of myself or interfering with much more important tasks.

At one point, I was flipping through my planner and setting more personal goals and adding more memos for myself. So... I may have half planned out when I might want to make and mail out next year's Christmas cards. Oh yes, I had enough spare time to go there. Lol.

I'm really a sad sad creature sometimes. XD

That pretty much sums up my day. Oh, and one of the very first things that I said today: "Caffeine is my very best friend right now. *nurses Dr. Pepper can*"

Hm... there was something else I have been forgetting to mentioned that I really want to... Oh yea! The collector's edition for the latest expansion pack for our game was announced about... two days ago? Nice art book, deck from their trading card game, soundtrack, exclusive in-game pet, etc. The SO and I were discussing our mild *snorts* obsession and half reasoned that by this point, it would almost makes sense for one of us to get it. I thought we half agreed that he should, if we were to do this at all. We both have already reserved our copies of the regular release. When the SO stopped by for a visit the other day, he tossed a receipt my way. It was that showed our $5 down reservations being canceled and two copies of the collector's edition being paid off in full. Holy cow! Incredibly sweet and random gesture. We're calling it my Merry Birthday present for this year. XD

:D Hooray! This will be my first one and I can't wait! We're going to blast the epic battle music while driving down the street running errands one day. It shall be a grand old time. :D

Teehee, well that's my story for today. See you tomorrow! <3

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