Monday, August 30

181. Sticking

There were two things done today that were of note.

One: I finished constructing the mini paper bag album about our kitty. It's pretty darn great but I have yet to take any photos of it because I'm still on a roll. I cannot believe how much adhesive I've used for this project. I tried my best to conserve as much as possible but I really did not want this to start falling apart like other projects I've done in the past. That kind of kills me to see. So... I definitely am in sore need of rolls of red tape, zig 2-way pens, and mono adhesive. I truly understand why papercrafters are so obsessed with collecting adhesives now. I thought paper was the most important thing, but I have come to realize that without anything to stick it together with, your projects will most likely not withstand any abuse or test of time. It seems to be one of the most underrated tools you can have on hand. Gah, I just can't get over how much I've used in the past two weeks on what was essentially just two pretty simple projects. I definitely need to put shopping around for bulk on my list of things to do.

The album needs journaling, decorating, and some way of displaying the pictures that I've tucked into the bag pockets. I still have not figured out anything and with what little gluey stuff I have left, I have bought myself some time to think that over. Still determining a title for the album but I know it shall be cut using my Cricut. I'm still freaked out about messing up on the journaling. I guess I could always fix any big mistakes by ripping out the cardstock, but I really don't want to go through all of that. I also have no idea what to do about decor because the background quilt-like idea I had is extremely busy, but I can't just leave well enough alone (aka blank spaces). We shall see.

Two: My SO just made me watch the second installment of the Twilight Saga. I'll pause for a moment while the icebergs melt, the mountains crumble, and the air fills with the sobs and wails of mothers and small children everywhere. ... ... ... Alright. I was not really coerced and I didn't loathe it. Just super cynical and amused by the massive amount of plot holes. He was too. Well, maybe not nearly as bitter and jaded as I am, but that's a part of our relationship dynamic anyways, LOL. He was pretty curious after hearing me talk about it, plus about a third of the world we know screaming about it for months now, plus he caught the first movie last night on the telly. I caught most of it too. I hadn't seen the second movie yet, so I plopped down on the rug and worked on the album via screen glow. Ever get that feeling you've just seen something that you shouldn't have and that you suddenly need to take a three-hour long shower to scrub that feeling away? Yeah, me too. I am for Team Shut Up. Go fig. :P The things we do for love, lol.

Eh, we all know I'm a pushover anyways. Well, that's all from me today- see you tomorrow! <3

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