Sunday, August 22

173. "Not Ugly, Just Normal"

I'm a little on edge today because all of my recent stressing out has gotten to me a bit. So, to make a long story short:

 I ate a Klondike bar after it melted and we re-froze it, 

The SO was the chef tonight for dinner! *Gasp*

Thrown on the grill after marinating,

Yummy, yummy steaks.

I asked if these were his famous 'ugly steaks' that I've been hearing so much about and received the reply, "They're not ugly, just normal steaks." Lol. 

Before that there was a trip to Michaels where it was apparently Torture Your Child With Help From Your Entire Family Day. My favorite. ...Ugh. We grabbed just the bare supplies we needed in order for us to put together a quick birthday for a family friend. I've started working on it a little bit and I am really enjoying how the project is turning out. Tomorrow is the first day for the kids that I'm going to observe and volunteer with. Let's hope that all goes well! 

Talk to you then! <3

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