Sunday, August 15

166. Happy Birthday To Me!

Hooray! I'm getting older! O_o... Lol.

Today started off with trying to sleep in for as long as possible before the light and heat of the sun drove me crazy and out of bed. I made sure to answer each and every text and online message wishing me a happy birthday throughout the day. The SO's mom and I went to a SU workshop hosted by one of her coworkers today too. She has three gorgeous kitties there. One is actually the mother of our cat, another is one of his sisters, and another just kind of looks like a pirate. XD

Our kitty's mommy.

His tiny sister.


That was a lot of fun with homemade lemonade, sangria, and tacos. We used a take-home class kit full of goodies from the current Summer Mini Catalog so there were lots of rich and fun tropical colors. The projects were a cute little 3" x 3" card, a sweet 3.5" x 5" card, and a coordinating paper purse to put it all in. After figuring out all the little gadgets and techniques, we all had pretty different and personalized versions of the same items! That's one of the best things about having these workshops, it's truly amazing how versatile the products and projects are. I even got a little birthday gift and I believe we each won a door prize. Mine was a little Stampin' Spot in Basic Black with a little wooden stamp that says: "happy birthday (to you)". XD Too cute. We wrapped up the workshop with contemplating and putting in orders while enjoying some homemade cupcakes and Neapolitan ice cream. The ladies even sang to me. Thank you! :D Good company, good food, and good times. : )

We headed back to meet up with more of the family and found that one of the tires was pretty flat. After doing our best to fill it up with air, we had the boys take a look at it and they found a nail that was big and embedded in the back tire. :( We took another car to a Chinese buffet for my birthday dinner and it was pretty yummy! We all decided that comfy clothes and stuffing ourselves was the proper way to go. :P

 Six different kinds of chicken, fried biscuits/ doughnuts, a plate of fruit, and ice cream makes for a very happy blogger.

We got back and tried to change the tire, but the driveway is all gravel and the car actually tipped off the jack! >_<  The SO managed to save it and with all the lightning surrounding us and rain starting up, we decided to just leave it be and hope for the best until tomorrow afternoon. A few of us ended up watching the monsoon storm in the backyard. So much thunder and lightning from all directions! Unfortunately, we didn't get rain with the storms just wrapping around the mountains. It apparently poured for a little while in areas across our end of town. I wasn't in any today. :( Maybe it's because I tried to dress up a little and the universe decided not to make me a sopping wet mop on my birthday. I probably would have gotten sick again if that happened anyways. Lol.

I have some footage of the storm, but it's 15 minutes long and would take forever for me to get through and I want to get some sleep eventually tonight, ha ha! Overall, today was a pretty darn good day. My belly is pretty darn happy. Yay!

Thank you again, everyone, for the birthday wishes! It all really meant a lot to me. See you tomorrow! <3

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