Wednesday, August 18

169. Mini Haul

I'm a little fried today. So to make a potentially long story short: some studying done, some tidying, some ants today, watched Wall-E because it's an amazing movie, and some time during the day stopped by Michael's! Here is my mini haul:

The stamps were in the dollar bins and actually originally the traditional wood mounted. I was tearing them off their blocks and peeling off the stickers during the drive home. :D The clear block was a dollar too. I already have one that size, but its covered in sticky tack for the sake of rubber stamps that don't stick naturally. I love owls, the spider is too cute, and the mummy looks just like the one that is in a children's book I bought at a book fair at the end of last school year. I have yet to test them out, so I hope they work well enough.

These are some of my favorite goodies right now. My VersaMark watermark stamp pad and embossing powders. I have an opaque metallic Sterling Silver and transparent Kaleidoscope. The latter is a sparkly white with prismatic blue and purple sparkles. I have yet to try it, but I think it'll mostly be the blue-purple sparkles that will be seen. I used the silver on 60 cards and if you didn't know how much I started with, you would never be able to tell that I even used any! These bottles are going to last me forever and a day. Just for roughly $3.50, holy cow.

:) Mmk, back to studying/ cleaning. Yum, lol. See you tomorrow! <3

P.S. Happy Birthday, Adin! :D Miss you and hope you like your mail. <3 <3

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