Sunday, August 29

180. Caught

Another short (for me) post today. I had some scrambling due to poor planning a

nd mixed up scheduling to catch up with today and I'm done but angry at myself. It's stuff like this that gets me panicked, frustrated, and so very discouraged. And then I don't think I can do anything right and then the cycle begins of beating myself up. But anywho, that's a rant for another day.

Here are two pictures from yesterday just when it began to sprinkle but before the torrential rains.

 And I couldn't help it but look! It's a double rainbow! OMG! XD Half of the people at the party started talking about it too. The funny thing is, the SO only saw the video for the first time a day or two before and he's still highly amused by it, lol.

This is a picture taken after dinner today of a baby tarantula that the boys caught to get off the patio ceiling and let loose. Sure, it's fuzzy but good gravy! /shudder.

Alright, I'll see you again tomorrow with hopefully something better today about myself or in general. <3

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