Monday, August 23

174. Not In A While

It has been a bit of time since I've temporarily misplaced my cell phone. I may be slightly notorious for it. And wallets and ID cards... :( This is quite the shame since I was going to make a few pretty important phone calls within the next 24 hours. We shall see what pans out tomorrow morning. Then I'll let myself completely panic.

Some of the kids started school today. Still adorable, still a handful. Only one student managed to make it to the morning class today. :( So, for the sake of trying to emphasis the actual routine, I played the part of Student #2. :D I am either getting way too old or incredibly out of shape. There was one portion of the day where we went to the easy playground for about 10 -15 minutes. I didn't remember that my knees and back could ache like that while in motion! XD Climbing into tunnels and going down slides was a lot of work! :P

The afternoon was a whopping 9 kids. Controlled-chaos is the best way to describe it. All of them are returning students that retained the routine pretty darn well over the summer. Many of them handled the high stress situation incredibly well! It's great to see how big and smarter they've grown. Like wildflowers.

My brother started his higher education today by being involved in a car accident almost right in front of campus. Everyone was fine and the cars are not totaled. Police took two hours to arrive. That poor thing. It really killed me for the rest of the day to not be there for him. Thankfully, he doesn't traumatize as easily as I do. The SO agrees. :P Class-wise he said was fine. His friend that also goes to the same place saw a total of 8 accidents and 22 cars involved today (one of which was my brother!). Good gravy, why don't they have someone posted out there? It's like right off a turnpike and they know that the lanes are all crazy and that its the first day. Ugh. :(

To say the least, I'm still wound up and it's been a few days now. I'm going in one more time this week tomorrow. The SO asked if I thought I would wake up and make it in and quite frankly, I said no, but I'll find a way. Good way to start, right? : )

Throwing together a mini album that is made of long business envelopes. I found a tutorial online and have been replaying the video footage over and over. I'll post pictures once I'm satisfied.

During this time, I've also been repeating:

Kevin Lien's older recording but newer posting cover of Coldplay's Viva La Vida. Love the song, love the cover. Psalm verse was a little unexpected, but kinda added a nice tough to the overall product.

Need to drag my butt to bed. See you tomorrow! <3

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