Wednesday, February 1

Really? Already?

That pretty much sums up my feelings about the fact that February started today. What is going on?

I'm lacking a bit of sleep today. Okay, two-thirds of it, but I have a few more things to do before I crawl into bed early tonight. So soon. So close.

I ditched the purse today in favor of a big honkin' tote bag so I could carry crafting goodies and my usual gear to school today to lessen my chances of forgetting half of it there. FMIL took pity on my carrying multiple plastic bags lately and got me a cute lunch bag that I forgot the first time I got to use it in her classroom when we rushed out yesterday. Fail.

I didn't get to showcase the craft products that I brought because it was a packed day from beginning to end for many of us. I spent a lot of my volunteering time working on a program called Boardmaker to make PECS or PCS (picture communication system) cards. Little picture exchange communication system cards for a few of the kids in FMIL's classroom who are having an especially difficult time communicating verbally. We have quite a few around the classroom but are testing out a more personalized system by making each of these guys a booklet catered to their needs and preferences. I am so fascinated. It feels my desires for organization, technology, and customization, lol.

We're running a basic version that is a few years old and a tad frustrating right now, but I guess I've been spoiled with my glimpses of more current versions. I customized over 130 cards and got them cut out with the corners rounded for the sake of all of our safeties. I hope to have them all laminated by the end of the week and that's a somewhat tedious and difficult job for one person to do: feed each little piece into the machine and pray that it adheres but doesn't jam. As long as that step gets done, I'll be able to bring the curtain home and cut them out, possibly adding the necessary velcro to the backs as well.

I might have been able to cram the laminating in today, but I mostly came to volunteering packing and wrapping baskets upon baskets of donated goods for the annual raffle-auction dinner happening this Friday evening. There were so many goodies, I was pleasantly surprised and a little scared, lol. We actually got all but six baskets done, labeled, and recorded because we ran out of wrapping supplies! There are also tons of individual kid items that will just be displayed. Each toy or basket will have it's own little box and description in front of it. If you like what you see, you place at least one of your tickets into the container and see if you win it later on! Pretty cool idea, me thinks.

Can't wait to chat at you tomorrow about something I'm currently researching.

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