Friday, March 9

Character Collection

The SO and I ran many more important errands today and that relief I'm hoping for/ expecting is in sight.

After some research and phone calls, we ended up at the MVD (what they changed the DMV to around here for what ever reason) for over an hour. That wasn't bad actually, even though I didn't think ahead enough to bring something to do and I'm all about having something to mess with during any sort of lull. Sigh. Too many lists that I did not make would have taken care of that.

It was really interesting observing the collection of people that the MVD collects within its four walls. They are definitely a group of characters to say the least. I admire anyone who puts up with working there though. It must be really tough go to work knowing that many someones are going to take out all of their anger issues out on you. Almost like being a bartender but without the benefit of being allowed to take a shot every few hours. I guess they deal with more sad issues than anger... Anyways. That place is pretty depressing and frustrating inherently and the kids we heard had plenty of honest and true statements to make about it. Luckily, our business went smoothly.

What business did we have there? Long story short, the SO will probably be out on his bike again by the end of this weekend! We're starting to get glimpses of beautiful riding weather and once we get the bike physically cleaned up, he'll be set to go! It's been so long and I'm so happy for him. We both agreed that it will be a while of him getting back into the groove again before I go out with him. Still, I cannot wait to see him suit up and take off. I'll try to snag a picture of that too.

We're also back to doing little household projects again so its more plumbing work this weekend. I was also promised a trip to our wonderful local nursery because I have at least one more plant project in mind that I am super excited about. I have been watching too many makeup hauls and gardening videos for the past few nights. We had planned to go today during our errand marathon but it was so super windy today. The SO figured we would need time for me to do as much frolicking and exploring of the nursery as I wanted and doing so with the gusts wouldn't be very fun for anyone involved. Hopefully, the weather will play nicer tomorrow. I cannot wait! Like a kid in a candy store. ... Like a me in a candy store. Pfft. Lol.

Wow, I actually think I'm in a good mood today- that's really fantastic! I hope you all either had a great week or will have a great weekend.

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