Friday, March 23


It's not even late yet and I'm so looking forward to bedtime.

Today wasn't a particularly difficult day, it was just mayhem at school. Field trips, extra kids and teachers alike were suddenly gone, schedules were rewritten a million times, etc. We made it, we're all alive, and it's Friday. TGIF, lol.

I don't know what school has done to me for the past few days, but I have come home ravenous. I think it must be some sort of sign of how unfit you are when you're out of breath from eating something healthy. >_> The SO says I just need to breathe while inhaling the two halves of cantaloupe I've had lately. So delicious. I couldn't stop myself. I probably would have eaten it all in one sitting if I hadn't chopped that sucker in half and wrapped the other end almost immediately afterwards. It also makes me super tempted to try to grow some of my own. These seed catalogs could get me into trouble some day... but I'm being good and biding my time. I'll have plenty to keep me busy soon enough with the crop that I've begun so far.

Have finally tried a few new projects lately and only one of them as worked out so far. This little owl whose pattern was a free crochet-along.
You know things (like my energy and motivation) are terrible when I keep taking pictures of stuff to share without getting up and right on top of the laptop I'm currently using to type this. Good gravy, get it together, woman!

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