Thursday, March 1

Quick Fix

It was pretty much readying myself for the battle of my life when this non-coffee drinker had two cups this morning. Then... the day went fine. Everyday is always a little rough around the edges so that's nothing new. I worked closely with kids that I haven't had a chance to really see a lot of today and loved learning about them. I was fascinated.

Not too long after we got home, I started to feel a crash. However, an hour later, I got some sort of second wind and annihilated a plate of spaghetti, drew up a new to-do list (I haven't written up one in more than a week), and began to attack it. It was lofty, but also included little details that I knew I would definitely get done by tonight so it's satisfying checking off a few things. Errands are already planned for as soon as I can get out of school tomorrow so that's setting a mild panic through me. That just might be the caffeine coursing through my veins. O_o

Let's get on with the tiny, blurry, and vague previews of some of the projects that I've worked on tonight:
 The crochet- amigurumi purple hedgehog. It looks like Friar Tuck! XD
 Silver markers are another love of mine...
It's been way too long since I wrote music...

I get more excited about each piece as time goes on and I get into a much deeper creative groove. It's such a wonderful place to be. I would liken it to your favorite sports team not only in the lead but playing a entertaining solid game. It's such a hard feeling to hold onto it seems. 

Alright, I'm about to get all philosophical or nonsensical (or both) quickly, so

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