Sunday, March 4

Simply Finished

I really am not pleased with myself when I prep a post early and forget to finalize it until the very last second because at that time all I want to do is have some quality time with my bed.

I think it might be due to all the caffeine that I've been hopped up on and can't quite tell if I'm coming down or not but I was pretty darn productive today with finish projects that have dragged on all of February. Kind of like these sentences. >_> Sigh.

The SO discovered that some critter has annihilated 70% of the lettuce seedlings. It's still okay since I was thinking about thinning them out soon but nature has done that for us. It may have been the family dog or quite possibly rabbits reaching up and into the planter. I just find it odd that its happening now instead of when I had this lettuce growing directly in the ground. Who knows?

I have taken over the dining table again and I'm so sick of it but can't bring myself to put so many unfinished projects away. It just decreases the chances of me finishing them any time soon by an obscene amount. I'm working on a set of 30 cards right now but I'm wiped and making noob mistakes but I did finish a set of jewelry inserts for a co-working friend today! (Why can I not put together normal length sentences right now?!) Argh, just- just look at the pictures. XD


Based on her personality and things that I know for sure that she really likes plus some holiday and school themed things for school because, well, school. I also made her a folder to keep them in that are like mine but is blank so she can decorate it herself. Each of these are 1 inch by 1.25 inches and I had a whole lot of fun making them once I found enough inspiration. I hope she likes them too!

I need to go, I think I feel my brain melting out of my ears.

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