Monday, March 19


I'm pretty sure that the title is a word, but it just doesn't look like it right now. Hm.

A cold front has descended upon us over the past few days. Just when we thought that the last frost of winter had happened about two weeks ago, there has been snow up on the mountains since yesterday. It has even rained the past two days. Again the plants have been covered and I fret about the little sprouts in the garden which seem to be doing so well lately. The rain did the necessary watering yesterday and I had stepped out to thin out a few of the little plants this morning. After rearranging the peas and beans, I realized that spreading all the little ones out really does help them breathe nutritionally. We've had appearances from Poblano peppers after the rainstorm yesterday. It's about time! They are at least two weeks late to the party but better late than never. Pictures will come soon when they've grown up a bit.

I've spent a decent chunk of the day preparing a fun and borderline epic care package. I am trying to be much smarter about my recreational spending, especially since I have been blessed with having so much already. So, I got a few items that I wanted to send that I didn't have to give, but much of these items come from my various collections. I am very excited because it's one of the biggest packages and I've put together without buying kits worth of gear. I do keep finding things I want to add though and assembling everything is taking much longer than I initially thought it would. It will definitely be a fun little spectacle at the mailing center! I send the oddest things. It should be ready to go out tomorrow though.

I realized that I haven't had the energy to post pictures here lately and even I feel like my posts get a a tad boring without something nice to look at. I'm a pretty visual person. I'll ignore the fact that we are a heavily visually-influenced species. :P Anyways, here are two pics that I've been meaning to post:
 The computer cases we worked on. The newer one is on the left and those are some of my shenanigans on the back end of the table. Sigh. I told you it was bad.
A holiday treat that FMIL put together. Different colored Twizzlers that are each a different flavor with delicious golden Rolo chocolates. I'm lucky that I managed to snag a quick picture before annihilating them. :P

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