Monday, March 26

The Tooth Fairy

I really haven't been up to anything fun lately...

The SO has been suffering from an on-again-off-again toothache for quite some time now but it became nearly unbearable this past weekend. Of course it would happen over a weekend, sigh. We couldn't even tell where the source of the issue was because the pain radiated past his temple. Poor thing. He caved and took a lot of aspirin. I was thankfully able to arrange for an emergency appointment at a dental clinic across town for this morning.

We made it there an hour earlier and I'm very grateful for that. There is something about Google Maps that does not seem to work well with the outskirts of town. The directions get us 90% of the way there even though the SO never seems to follow their recommended route due to lights and such. However, it has not failed us in the past year to have the last two directions be inaccurate. Not just a "Oh, it's actually one block early." or "We just missed the turn!" No. It's a, it told us to go left and we did and now we're in the industrial area with a bunch of broken trucks and desolation- I hope the dentist doesn't operate out of a dilapidated truck trailer. FMIL was on call just in case he was laughing gassed.

The people at the clinic were very patient and kind and we were seen early. While they only did a consultation and x-ray, they did get to the bottom of the issue and quickly. Oh, and prescriptions. Very handy ones. Then, they recommended us to a place that was actually on our way home that specialized in emergency extractions with walk-in hours. We made it there and were actually seen pretty quickly. I can't even remember how long it took where- doctors make me nervous and then I was nervous for him... that's pretty much how our dynamic works in these kinds of situations, lol.

He got a wisdom tooth yanked out, didn't need to be put under like everyone else, we filled the prescriptions in less than 15 minutes on the way home, and then I hovered as he recovered. Then, I tried to take a nap because I apparently put a lot of energy into being anxious too. I ended up feeling worse after the attempted nap, so that was lovely. :P We've spent the evening trying to rest up but I am so glad we were able to take care of the issue so (relatively) smoothly. I know he's a bit grumpy because he appreciate his high tolerance to pain and this really bothered and affected him.

In other personal news, I have a Skype date with my bestie tomorrow night and I'm super excited. We arranged it so that maybe I'll get to see her and her sister open up the care package I sent them! Because I'm a dork like that. Well, she is indulging me so maybe that makes us both dorks. :P Anyways...

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