Tuesday, March 27


Another stretched title for this post. :P

Kitty thought I needed to be awake and up pretty early today so I'm wiped now. Bless that fuzzy little butthead. Did some working out in the garden, getting rid of more aphids and bugs, hefty weeding in the yard, seeing that my Serrano leaves were eating/ chopped off by some mysterious critter (T_T), and then moving everyone out of the garden area into the middle of the yard. We're hoping that the weather will allow for the recovered SO to go out and annihilated bugs tomorrow. They're starting to look for new homes and food sources and that does not make me a happy camper.

We're starting to get out tax return checks so that's always exciting. Went straight to the bank with those, lol.

Also had a Skype date with my best friend and her sister because they got the care package! They even showed me the peanuts that were stuffed in there. There were about five different shapes, it was awesome. They loved a lot of the stuff and started using them right away. Oh! I haven't mentioned what I sent yet because I know they read my blog from time to time. :P I sent a bunch of nail polishes for spring and year round with a clear coat that can double as a top and base coat. That also went with a heavy duty nail file and special pain relief patches. I sent two sets of cards that I made with envelopes. In that, I added markers that I accidentally packed with my stuff more than two years ago when we were moving out of the apartment we had together, lol. I also included my old webcam that she had originally given me years ago so now we can Skype together more often! That was the biggest surprise. I also sent a kit I put together so they could learn how to crochet and then make a cute little cupcake doll. It included yarn, stuffing, plastic eyes, various beads and needles, and a crochet hook. Oh, and the instructions. We can work on that over Skype too! Yay!

Early day coming up, so...

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