Sunday, March 11

Taming the To-Do

Before I get to my regular ramblings, I do want to take a moment to remember the lives lost and affected by the Japan earthquake and tsunami one year ago. We're still mourning the losses and feeling the effects. I cannot believe it has been an entire year. RIP.

There's nothing like avoiding homework to get you to want to organize and clean everything. The table is almost tamed but I thought I'd sit down for a change today.

The SO fixed dripping bathtub faucets and leaky toilet valves, I sorted out our receipts from the past two months, put away the yarn and card projects I've finished, gathered important documents for our errands this week, sorted the various guides I've printed out in the past month, and started setting up for our upcoming crafts workshop. I'll probably finish up the garden updates from last year, try to work on the monthly scrapbook pages I've missed (all of them so far >_<), and clean the floors tonight.

Can you tell that I've been heavily caffeinated?

In my groggy stupor this morning, I was a tad heavy handed with my instant coffee mix. :P We'll see how much I can get done after I finish up my homework. I think the SO plans to spray the property for bugs if the plumbing work goes smoothly and that requires me to move my container garden away from the walls and patio. With how cloudy it is, chances are that we'll have to save that for yet another day and he'll wash his bike instead. Maybe go out for a ride? That will definitely be his reward for all the household fixes he does for us.

A little while later and we weren't able to bug spray because we lost sunlight pretty quickly, so the SO hand-washed his bike and car instead. He went on a brief spin around the main block of houses. After that, he gave it a good solid waxing and I have to say that she is looking gorgeous now.

So shiny... O_O

Being able and having to run so many errands around town lately has been kind of comforting lately. It's not the most fun bonding experience, but it's us tackling grown up issues and situations together. I'm just consistently reminded and grateful for the tendency for us to be on the same page despite our very different ways of thinking and viewing the world. It makes life that much easier.

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