Wednesday, March 14

Keeping Up

Oh man. What did we just do?

The SO picked me up from school today (I went in for an assignment and then ended up volunteering the rest of the day, as usual) and we took off in search for a new headset with a microphone for me to use so we can play WoW together again. Of all the nights for mine to pretty much bite the dust. I didn't want to get the cheapest but I was definitely not getting anything fancy with all the traveling I do.

We debated in the car which places were worth checking out and we ended up driving into town right next to the mall and into Best Buy. If there are physical stores that we should never be unleashed upon they would include Michaels and Joanns (for me, obviously), Target, any of the office supply chains, a big bookstore, and Best Buy. Just... no. We know that we can often get cheaper electronics elsewhere but there is just something exciting about that place. Not during the holidays season though, I like to avoid it like the mall and the plague.

Rambling story short, at the last minute we decided that I'd get the SO's old headset because it works just fine, he got a new upgrade, I upgraded my webcam after six years, and he somehow ended up snagging a second monitor that was one sale. We must be trying to keep up with someone fancy because I wasn't expecting those results today!

We love our precious new toys and will for years to come. I can't wait to put them to good use hanging out with faraway friends this weekend! Hooray for (their) spring breaks!

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