Saturday, March 10

Pretty Additions

Before I do a little update on the garden (I know I just wrote about it on Tuesday but this is worth it!), I wanted to address a few changes with this blog that I've been working on today.

You'll see this at the end of the post, but I have a siggie! Or rather, a signature image now. It shows up automatically from now on but I went back and added it to my other entries from this year. Thank goodness it's only the beginning of March, lol.

The navigation tabs across the top are different now too. With the new Blogger user interface, I can get a better idea of what features are useful or being used regularly. I realized that the "Subject Matter" and "Craft Tutorials" tab weren't getting much love. That's okay though, because now I can use those ten precious pages for something else. I'm finishing up the posts about last year's garden and then will work on the page for this year's collection of updates. It'll be much more streamlined.

In lieu of getting rid of my tags page, I have finally caved and added a "Search" feature that searches for terms within my blog posts. Also added a little cloud of my commonly used tags which I'm trying to be better about being more detailed now that I have so many posts. It works well with the other new feature that I recently added called "LinkWithin" that shows related posts you can check out at the end of each posts. Heck, it helps me find stuff too, lol.

The last thing that was added was a feature that allows for easy connection to social networks, printing, email, and so much more. Again, something that we all can use to share the love. Yeah, I know it's about time that I added all these convenient gadgets. It only makes sense with blogging. Better late than never? :P

The SO and I ran a few more errands today that involved mostly supplies for him to get his bike in tip-top riding shape again and then he took me to ogle the fabulous nursery in our area. It was teeming with enthusiasts and new plants. I've never been there before with the personal intentions (or knowing anything about gardening) so I was taking in everything. Or trying to, it was jammed packed in every direction with plants and plant-related things. He teased me about being so excited but I shot back that he was excited to check out the selection too. Got him to admit it eventually on the way home, lol.

We zoomed in on their fruits and vegetables and we checked out every nook and cranny, even going into a greenhouse. There were so many variety of young tomato plants, sweet and spicy peppers, lettuces, and broccoli-like things. Different kinds of citrus trees each had their own greenhouses in the back of the property. The baby plants there look so much better than what I have at home! They were already six inches tall with many good-sized leaves and many of them already started to flower! Gah!

On the way home, we agreed it would be really nice to have a little setup dedicated to giving new seeds the best start possible once we have our own space to work with. I've done quite a bit of research into it but have thankfully reigned myself back. I'd love to help others start gardening too and it'd be great to share the extra seedlings that would be inevitable... and slow down there, buddy. XD  But we went there with a mission and while I wasn't sure if they'd have them, the SO spotted them the moment we got to the right area:


With all of the videos I've been watching, I've learned that strawberries can actually work here in the desert and I adore eating fruit! This is a basket variety so I hope it does well in this space. I picked one that already has a berry in the works as well as a pretty little blossom. There was another variety with pink blossoms but it needed a bit more room than the extra pot I had at home. There was also a "Yellow Wonder" type that was more ornamental and I am just weirded out by the idea of yellow strawberries, lol. I cannot wait to see this one grow! It's already so pretty. 

I must have this inner desire to traumatize my plants because I've done it again. I rearranged the beans and the peas because they were coming up so closely together. I don't know why I don't spread the seeds to begin with. Next time, I promise. 
 There were many more beans trying to sprout than we initially thought.

 The poor pretty peas. I hope they all recover in the next two weeks. 

There was a lot of general trimming back of leaves that had suffered cold weather damage, I removed the stakes from all of the peppers, and it looks like the Bird's Eye Chillies have given up on all of their old leaves in favor of their new ones. Fine by me! So, here's a look at Slytherin's new growth since I've already posted Gryffindor's:

I hope you're excited about the changes around here too! ^_^

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